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Our burgers are finger licken good

Our Menu

Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

Please be sure to tell the server if its vegan or Veg you are ordering from ....

Vegetarian Breakfast Menu

These items are made with real eggs and Cheese , plant based meats


2 Eggs Tempah bacon, served with seasoned home-fries with toast



2 Eggs &PB sausage patties , seasoned home-fries and toast



2 Eggs served with your choice of 2 items
spinach , tomatoes , sauteed mushrooms or peppers . Served with seasoned home-fries and toast


Boo Man's BLT

Tempah Bacon, tomato, lettuce avo mayo on toasted bakery bread


Shadow Breakfast Club

Fried egg, cheese, PB. sausage , Tempah bacon , tomato, lettuce and avo mayo all between 3 slice of toast .. served with home fries


Ozzy Breakfast Bun

Fries egg, cheese, PB. Sausage, tomato and lettuce on a bun


Omelettes to be found in our Breakfast menu

Pancakes and French toast Too


Vegan Breakfast Menu

Just & Egg and Plant based meat , vegan cheese and avo mayo used .

We are a small kitchen and things are made on the same griddle as everything else

Kyla B

Just Egg with your choice of 2 vegetable sides spinach , tomato, mushroom or peppers . Served with home-fries & toast



Just Egg & Tempah Bacon served with home-fries and toast



Just Egg PB Sausage patties, home-fries & toast



Scrambled tofu , served with your choice of 2 vegetables , tomato. spinach , mushroom. peppers . Served with home-fries & toast


Oh Yhea Vegan Big Breakfast

Just Egg, Tempah bacon PB sausage,, home-fries & toast , mini vegan pancake


Vegan Breakfast Bun

Just egg, pb sausage, vegan cheese, lettuce & tomato


Leah Breakfast Club

Just egg, Pb sausage, vegan cheese, Tempah bacon lettuce, tomato plied high between three slices of bread , served with home fries


Leah Breakfast Club  image

Boo Man's BLT

Tempah Bacon, tomato, lettuce avo mayo on toasted bakery bread


Vegan Hash

Mixed vegetable melody , mushrooms, peppers, spinach , tomatoes, onions topped with guacamole and toast


Ricky's Guac on toast

Open face guac on toast with fresh spinach , diced tomatoes. black olives, plant based feta cheese


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